Office Relocation

Looking for new office space or recently decided on a new office? How does moving your network and computers affect your plan? Do you have enough power and cabling? What about cooling for your equipment? Have you contacted vendors for Internet and phone connectivity to see what's available? By removing these things from your list of to-dos during a planning and move process, we free you up to focus on the truly important things.

Expanding Space

Adding a few employees, moving some offices around or doing an expansion into the next office suite? Is there enough network and phone capacity to meet our needs? Why can't I connect to the wireless from the new space? By performing up-front analysis, design and installation services - we ensure your servers and network are ready for the expansion - internet, phone systems, cloud hosting, wireless installation and much more.

New Business

Starting a new business or moving into your first office? Not sure what internet provider, phone system or email provider to select? Have you determined what kind of security device and wireless network to install in the office? What other types of security do you need to protect your customer data? Our advisers get you up and running as quickly as possible, while maintaining security and standards for your future growth.

Equipment Overgrowth

Have you ever heard this?

  • "Help - the IT Closet looks like a rats nest!"
  • "Why is the IT Closet so hot."
  • "Why is our electric bill so high?"
By moving to a hosted infrastructure - you can eliminate on-site equipment, reduce electric and cooling costs, increase performance, eliminate the need for costly equipment and increase security.